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Seinfeld The Wigmaster (HD, TV-PG) George fights the management of a local parking lot; Jerry returns his new jacket to spite the salesman who sold it to him; Kramer is mistaken for a pimp.
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Chicago P.D. Fathers and Sons (HD, TV-14) While Ruzek goes undercover, he finds out that his father works for a suspected dealer, which forces him to figure out if his dad is involved.
Chicago P.D. True or False (HD, TV-14) An alderman's wife is bludgeoned to death; in efforts to elicit a confession, Upton reveals a dark story that pertains to her childhood.

The Munsters Herman's Raise (TV-G) Lily pressures Herman to ask his boss for a raise but when he does, Herman is fired; Herman seeks a new job while making sure his wife doesn't find out.
The Munsters Yes Galen, There Is a Herman (TV-G) Herman makes friends with a young boy, but he has hard time convincing his family that the boy is real, and the boy has a similar problem with his family.
Frasier A Mid-Winter Night's Dream (TV-PG) In an attempt to patch things up with Maris, Niles plans a romantic dinner, but a storm rolls in and leaves him alone with Daphne for the evening.
Frasier And the Whimper Is ... (TV-PG) Frasier is convinced by Roz to go for a SeaBea, Seattle radio's highest award, but after attempting to bribe the judges, a veteran radio host tries as well.
Roseanne We're Going to Disney World (TV-PG) The family becomes elated when Dan brings home his final check from the Lanford City Garage and announces they are going to Disney World for their vacation.
Roseanne Disney World War II (TV-PG) The Conners arrive at Disney World for their vacation that everyone is excited about except for Darlene, who just wants to sit there until it is time to go.

Forensic Files Drowning Sorrows (HD, TV-14) A woman falls to her death while vacationing with her husband and two sons, but investigators begin to suspect that the event was not an accident.
Forensic Files Telltale Tracks (HD, TV-14) Police find a discarded car on a Philadelphia highway and soon discover that its driver is the victim of murder and her body is covered with strange marks.
The First 48 Unwelcome Guest; Wrecked (HD, TV-14) A sergeant must analyze the physical evidence left behind after a man was beaten to death; a late-night car accident leaves a young man shot to death.
The First 48 Mixed Up; Blind Alley (HD, TV-14) Det. Cynthia Morrow attempts to connect the events of a drug deal gone wrong; Det. Kristen Downs turns to forensic evidence to solve a gang-related shooting.
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