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Family Feud (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) Two families of five members each compete against each other by answering popular survey questions to determine who can reach accord with most answers.
Seinfeld The Summer of George (HD, TV-PG) After receiving a severance package from the Yankees, George decides to take a few months off and initiates "The Summer of George"; Kramer wins a Tony award.
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
CSI: Miami Blood Sugar (HD, TV-14) A sugar refinery explodes, killing an employee, and when the CSIs investigate, they make a shocking discovery about the plant's owner and the accident.
CSI: Miami On the Hook (HD, TV-14) After a fisherman narrowly escapes death, the CSIs have to dodge bullets and keep him alive in order to find out the would be assassin who wants him dead.

« Little House on the Prairie Town Party, Country Party (TV-PG) Laura befriends a young girl with a shortened leg who is being snubbed by the others, and Charles builds her a special shoe so she can run and play normally.
The Munsters Munsters on the Move (TV-G) Herman is offered a promotion but it would mean the family will have to relocate to Buffalo, and everyone is excited except for Eddie, who refuses to move.
The Munsters Movie Star Munster (TV-G) Herman comes across a pair of con artists who are looking for some easy money; they pose as movie producers and recruit Herman to be their star.
Frasier Moons Over Seattle (TV-PG) Daphne starts to doubt that marriage is the best thing when her parents cannot seem to reunite, but her father convinces her that Niles is the right one.
Frasier The Ring Cycle (TV-PG) Niles and Daphne go through several fake wedding ceremonies to keep from offending friends and relatives after they secretly elope to Reno.
Roseanne Construction Junction (TV-PG) Dan is given an offer by his old crew that leaves him confused on what to do since his current job is steady, but he could make a lot of money with this offer.

« Crime Watch Daily (HD, TV-PG) News about a case breaks concerning two women from the same hospital being murdered; a tragic suicide, a strange note, and a young boy disappears.
Crime Watch Daily (HD, TV-PG) A husband says his wife tried committing suicide, but she disagrees and claims that he tried to kill her.
The First 48 Off the Tracks (HD, TV-14) In Louisville, Detective Collin King investigates his very first case, involving a man who was found dead by a railroad track, but the case has no witnesses.
The First 48 Last Ride; Trailer Trap (HD, TV-14) In Dallas, homicide investigators look into the shooting of a man found dead in the trunk of a car; in Memphis, officers investigate a trailer park murder.
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